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Earth Day which was today (22 April 2024) is a day to promote consciousness and gratitude for the Earth Resources. Double Tree JB and GES volunteered to mark Earth Day in JB by throwing 5000 mudballs into the river in Jalan Segget. After a briefing on the Environment in Johor by GES President and Secretary Ahlami. Ms Elisha briefed the 30 odd staff and GM of Double tree JB, Andreas Justkowiak on the process and importance of mudball as a cleansing agent to clean rivers. Ms Mary from Metro covered the activity. GES President thanked GM Andrea's of Double Tree By Hilton Johor Bahru.

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GES and IWPG signed an MOU on Saturday (20 April 2024) in JB to jointly support each other in environmental activity.  The signing ceremony was witnessed by Dr Cheery Wei from ACC Global Consultancy . GES Director of activities who is also a committe member Elisha had on numerous occasion emphasised to IWPG which tries to unite women to spread culture of peace and leave peace as a legacy for future generation made it possible for GES to sign the MOU with IWPG to adopt the environmental joint activity in JB and Johor



Date : 24th February 2024

Venue : Sungai Melayu

Time : 10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Water pollution occurs when harmful substances, often chemicals or microorganisms-contaminate a stream, river, lake, ocean, aquifer, or other body of water degrading water quality and rendering it toxic to human and environment. This widespread problem of water pollution is jeopardising our health. GES once again conducted a training and throwing of mudballs in Sungai Melayu. Thanks to Biocon Sdn Bhd which paid for the entire cost for the 5k mudballs. The Company also sent their staffs to participate in the throwing of the mudballs. Madam Elisha and her GES team did a DIY mudballs session for the staffs. The process of manufacturing the mudballs took nearly two hours.

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A simple but effective environmental activity was conducted by GES on 10 January 2024 at Sunway Emerald Lake which was attended by staff of Sunway.

GES Activities Director, Elisha Indhumathi and Committee member Arisah helped explain and teach  how to make mudballs and their usefulness as a cleansing agent in rivers and lakes.
The staff had handson experience in making the mudballs with great enthusiasm. 

GES continues to work with the private sector companies with the hope of connecting as many employers and employees to the environment. 
The activity was sponsored by Sunway.


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Green Earth Society Negeri Johor celebrated their 10th Anniversary since their founding in 2013. A fundraising dinner was held at the Ponderosa Golf and Country Resort, Johor Bahru. 


The event was graced by the Member of Parliament for Pasir Gudang, Yang Berhormat Hassan bin Abdul Karim. 


The opening address was made by the President and Founder, Mr P. Sivakumar who introduced the organisation and the key activities that have been undertaken over the past 10 years. Sivakumar mentioned that Green Earth has planted more than 15,000 mangrove trees and released more than 25,000 fish fry into various rivers in Johor. Further to such activities the organisation also educates and creates awareness amongst schoolchildren and organisations. It exists purely on the efforts and goodwill of its members and he said that they will continue to push for environmental conservation in the state of Johor and Malaysia. 


There was also a speech by the advisor to Green Earth Society, Mr Joel Lawrence Jayasunthar, who is also the Director of Technical Operations at Asian Environmental Solutions Sdn Bhd. Joel highlighted the many issues plaguing the Malaysian environment, ranging from floods, haze to river pollution and the threats to our fauna, especially the dwindling tiger population. However he also highlighted that there are already technologies available that should be embraced by industry and land developers alike to ensure that they are compliant to existing regulations and benchmark their organisations against global ESG policies. He said the key is to ensure that profitability goes hand in hand with social responsibility and good governance. On this, Joel put forward several technologies such as diesel-saving mobile generators, zero-discharge industrial effluent treatment systems that can be adopted by industries in reducing their carbon footprint and keeping their energy and water costs down. 


The third speaker Dr Cherry Wei from ACC Global Consultancy Sdn Bhd highlighted the importance of education and awareness in the environmental field. She reiterated the role of industry and provided several examples of good practices that can be adopted, starting with the home. Dr Cherry further discussed the importance of unlearning poor practices, learning new and relearning skills and good practices that would enable everyone, individuals and organisations to practice sustainability. 


YB Pasir Gudang, Dr Hassan Karim discussed some of the environmental challenges faced by his constituents and highlighted the Sg Kim Kim issue which had a disastrous effect of the local population. He mentioned the need for organisations such as Green Earth to keep up their efforts as environmental awareness and sustainability has become a crucial element for society’s wellbeing. 



Water pollution is any kind of pollutant found in lakes, streams, rivers, oceans and human water system that contain harmful compounds. Water pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues today. GES owing to this issue has managed to run dozens of activities for the past few years related to the cleansing of our lakes and rivers by using a proven method of throwing mudballs which GES Director and Treasurer Elisha Indhumathi had learnt from a Japanese Environmentalist. The mudballs were made by GES. The recent mudball throwing activity took place at Laman Tasik Pandan on 30th November 2023 with around 25 people who were excited not only to throw the mudballs but also enthusiast in learning the method and usefulness of the mudballs as a cleaning agent. The entire cost was Sponred by the participants.

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GES Mudball activity on 25th October 2023

At Dato Jaafar School of Johor Bahru. Around 50  students and 4 teachers participated.

The morning session was well represented by 

Thanks to teacher Pushpalatha Who took pains to help organise a training session with the students. The students were so excited in learning how to make the mudballs and also awareness on sustainability of the environment was given a lecture by Ms Elisha and Ms Margeret.

GES was so delighted in acknowledging the serious commitment by the students who answered several questions on environment to the GES team.

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Date : 8th July 2023

Venue : Laman Tasik Pandan, JB

Time : 7.00 am to 9.00 am

Mudball throwing activity in July 2023.
The activity was sponsored by IWPG Malaysia. 
The area of mudball throwing was at Tasik..
More than 200 participants took part with the inclusion of other NGOs. 
2000 mudballs were thrown with a training session on the spot on how to make the mudballs by getting the participants involved.

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Date : 5th July 2023

Venue : ATC Training Hall

Time : 10.30 am to 12.00 pm

Mudball training session at Alpa Training  Centre in Taman Molek sponsored by DOMS Consultancy. 
15 participants attended a mudball training session from NGOS members.
There was also a briefing session on the importance of the mudballs as a cleaning agent in polluted rivers .


Annual General Meeting 2023

10th GES AGM

Date : 31 May 2023


Time : 3pm to 5pm

Since there was a quorum President requested to commence the AGM Secretary welcomed the members and addressed the meeting Secretary Ahlami and assistant Mona touched on the several environmental issues faced in the state. Ahlami added that due to over development in the state we are facing very hot weather . He thanked the treasurer and director of activities for keeping the Association very active with CSR activities throughout the year 2022. He stressed that the Association to be more proactive by year 2024 suggested that the Association carry out more tree planting activities. The Treasurer in her address mentioned the list of companies that had provided CSR projects to GES and also mentioned the donors and thanked them. Mr Thiru, Mr.Mohan and Dr.Cherry Spoke on the herbal plants and environmental issues. The meeting ended by 5pm with vote of thanks from President


Mudball Throwing
Activity, at EMERALD PARK

Date 26.5.23       Place EMERALD PARK

Around 40 staffs of Sunway and GES team headed by GES activity director Ms Elisha Programed, coordinated, and manufactured a total of 3000 mudballs and threw at EMERALD PARK of Nusa The CEO of Sunway and Staff gave feedback that previous mudball throwings at the lake have shown great results of water quality with the lake odour has improved tremendously. Arisah gave a demo on how mudballs are made and the benefits of the mudballs clearly explained to the staffs of Sunway who came from other branches to learn of the benefits of mudballs. The activity was fully sponsored by Sunway Johor.


GES BUD CRAFTING Activity, at Flora Idaman Nursery

Green Earth Society trains its committee on the proper method of bud grating. Trainer Thiru conducted the training course to ensure the participants picked up the finer part of bud grafting. Soon the committee will train other ges members with plans to increase ges objecting to green empty plots of land.

GES Mudball Throwing Activity at Skudai River Branch, Tampoi:

On Sunday, January 29, 2023, GES held a mudball throwing activity in Skudai River Branch, Tampoi, Johor. GES President P. Sivakumar, GES Activity Director Elisha Indhumathi, GES staff, GES members & residents of Tampoi participated in this activity. Residents of Tampoi praised and thanked GES for taking initiative to clean this highly polluted river.

5000 mudballs were thrown into the river to cleanse the highly polluted Skudai river branch.

Mudballs and refreshments for all participants sponsored by the activity sponsor AES director Joel Lawrence.

The activity started at 2:00 pm and ended around 3:30 pm after a small discussion about upcoming activities.

GES Mudball making session with Sunway International school students:

On October 5, 2022, GES held a Mudball making session with students from Sunway International school at Sunway Iskandar, Johor.

CEO of Sunway Iskandar Mr.Gerard Soosay welcomed and thanked all the participants for joining this activity. Chief Datuk Bandar Iskandar Puteri Dato. Haji Mohd Haffiz Bin Haji Ahmad joined and started activities. They spoke about environmental related issues and plans to plant 1000 trees in the future.

Members from Sunway Iskandar Sdn Bhd, GES Activities Director Mdm.Elisha, GES members, Staff and students of Sunway International School participated in this activity.

GES Activities Director Mdm.Elisha Indhumathi explained to the students about how to make mudballs and the benefits of throwing them into the Lake.

This activity was fully sponsored by sunway Iskandar Sdn Bhd.

On Friday, September 23, 2022, GES held a Special mudball throwing activity in Skudai River, Impian Emas, Johor. GES President P. Sivakumar, GES team led by its Activity Director Elisha Indhumathi, GES members & residents of Taman Impian Emas participated in this activity.

GES President briefed about the importance of saving our water resources and our contribution to keep the environment clean. He thanked all the participants for joining in this Activity. GES Activity director Mdm. Elisha explained the benefits of this activity to those who attended the event.

5,000 mudballs were thrown into the river to clean-up polluted Skudai river. The activity started at 11 am and ended around 12 pm.

This activity was sponsored by EMRO Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

GES - Mudball Throwing Activity in Skudai River For World Clean-Up Day:


GES - Fishfries Release Activity at Sg.Papan, Johor.

Fishermen and orang aslis have long been complaining that their fishing catch has been considerably reduced due to mega developments in Gelang Patah and Pengerang. Owing to their complains and visits by GES committee headed by the President to Sungai Papan village and orang asli settlement in Gelang Patah.

GES team led by its Activity Director Elisha Indhumathi in order to help increase the yield in the Sungai Papan river to benefit extra catch for the fishermen released 5000 fishfies on 25.08.2022.
They even took a boat ride and released the fishfries at various strategic spots in the river to ensure the fishfries survival rate. The villagers were also there to help out.

GES would like to place on record the appreciation and thanks to ROS Johor for approving GES project paper for the activity and also funding the entire project.

GES - Mudball Throwing Activity in Skudai River, Johor.

On Friday, July 29, 2022, GES held a mudball throwing activity on the Skudai River in Impian Emas, Johor. GES President P. Sivakumar, Deputy President Encik Salleh, Treasurer Mdm Elisha,  GES staff members Arisah and Prem, and Members Hari Letchmi and Jenny, participated in this activity.

5,000 mudballs were thrown into the river to clean and improve the water quality of the polluted Skudai river.


This activity was sponsored by Alpa Training Centre.

Clean-Up Activity: GES & BIOCON Fun walking and environment cleaning at Taman EKO-RIMBA of Gunung Pulai.

On Sunday, June 26, 2022,  GES and BIOCON joined forces for a fun walking and cleanup environmental activity at Taman Eko-Rimba, Gunung Pulai 1 & Gunung Pulai 2, Kulai, Johor.


10 GES and 50 Biocon members participated in this activity. The activity started at 8am and ended around 1pm.

This activity was fully sponsored by BIOCON.

GES held its 9th AGM on 25th May 2022 (Wednesday). There was enough quorum.

Mr. Gopalakrishnan conducted the AGM.

GES President Mr P. Sivakumar gave a briefing to the members on the year activities. He thanked the Director of activities and Treasurer Elisha and Arisah for running a few activities despite the year was mostly on lockdown. The President also thanked the donors who had funded the activities. Since this year there was no elections, the AGM chairman Mr. Gopal closed the AGM around 5.00pm after hearing views from the floor.


9th GES-AGM ON 25.05.2022

Recycle for Education Program:

On March 29, 2022, GES and SOFtronix signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to refurbish used laptops and tablets in good condition under the "Recycle for Education - R4E" as the world faces major waste problems as electronic devices are discarded annually. GES and SOFtronix want to work together on this issue by looking for ways to recycle and reuse old used digital devices such as laptops and tablets.

The “Recycle for Education-R4E” program is to encourage public to donate their unwanted used laptops or tablets to support charities and make more of a positive impact in local communities and improve the lives of many vulnerable students and children and those desperately in need.

SOFtronix Managing Director Mr Lai mee Chiang & GES President Mr P. Sivakumar signed the agreement . The MOU event was fully sponsored by SOFtronix.

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Mudball Throwing Activity:

On 21st March 2022 GES and Ponderosa Golf & County Club sponsored Mudball throwing Activity at the lake in Ponderosa Golf & County Club. 3500 Mudballs were thrown into the river to cleanse and improve water quality.

GES Treasurer Mdm. Elisha Indhumathi with Ponderosa team:

Ms Jamie Lau Seok Mian
Senior Operation Manager
(Recreation & Facilities)

Efhan Bin Mohd Jemi
Executive (Sport Department)

were in the team organised this event.

Mudball Activity started at 9:00 AM and ended around 10:30 AM with 40 participants.
The event was sponsored by Ponderosa Golf & Country Club.

Tree planting Ponderosa Feb 2022.png

Tree Planting Activity:

GES was invited to identify and suggest a suitable tree sapling for the eco-garden of the Ponderosa Golf & County Club Resort in Johor. GES director proposed a Neem Sapling, known as medicinal plant which also releases abundant Oxygen. After the event started on February 28, a total of 15 seedlings were planted at the resort.

The team from the Ponderosa Resort includes:
Ms Jamie Lau Seok Mian,
Senior Operation Manager (Recreation & Facilities)
Co organiser
Ms Yvonne Loh,
Marketing Communication Consultant
Speech Given
Efhan Bin Mohd Jemi, Executive (Sport Department)
Co organiser

From GES, Mdm Elisha, Ms Arisa & Mr. Rumi from GES web tv took part in the activity. The event was monitored by GES President Mr P.Sivakumar.
The whole event was sponsored by the Ponderosa Golf & County Club.

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GES Launched Web TV on - 22/01/2022

Green Earth Society has embarked to extend its reach out to more stakeholders of our society to air their discontent on the environment destruction caused by unhealthy practices, uncaring attitude and greed to make a quick profit at the ever deteriorating forest .
The launch of its WEB TV, on 22.01.2022 is the latest project by GES.
Hope all environmental concerned citizens take advantage  of the GES Web TV and send in your videos or contact the person (Rumi)  provided in the WEB TV,

Climate Change 15.12.21G.jpg

Climate Change - 15/12/2021

GES organised a half day talk on Climate Change at its Secretariat in Tropical Inn JB on (15.12.21) time from 10.00am to 1.00pm. It was attended by 35 concerned Malaysian who were mostly wanting to hear and learn from experts and those on the ground providing emvironmental services on the topic of Climate Change.

GES President pointed out that Malaysia too is facing the affect of climate change. We experience  heat waves , droughts , floods , rise in sea levels etc. Time is ripe to include climate change as a topic to create awareness among Malaysians esp the younger generation apart from usual pollution topics. Speakers Joel Lawrence from Asian Environmental Solutions who did an inspiring presentation sharing his wide knowledge and experience in Environmental services. From DOE, Johor Assistant Director for Strategic Communication and Education Muhamad Amirul Syafiq bin Khairuddin spoke on the role of DOE covered the legal aspects, some limitations of DOE and punitive measures on those break the environmental laws of the country.  Mr Mokhtar Ali took the floor highlighting a case study of Environmental Issues faced in Kempas and shared the need to find solutions to address the issues. Mohd Salleh (Deputy GES) did the round up along with Ahlami who took pains to deliver to share the role of GES and thanked Elisha (Director of Activities) for making the talk a grand success in a short notice of 5 days with breakfast served.

The event was sponsored by President GES.

GRID FISHFRIES RELEASE_edited_edited.jpg

Fish Release Meet up - 29/11/2021

GES team of Mr.Siva, Elisha and Arisah made a visit to Kampong Renggit in Desaru along with an invester to release 3000 fishfries in the river Renggit. The fishermen village head of Kampong Renggit Pn.Anak was overjoyed with GES offer. We will soon fix the date of the release.


Visit to Sungai Anggerik
Lake - 11/11/2021

GES took to the ground to visit a lake that links

Sungai Angerik in Taman Angerik  after being

invited by the resident committee to witness for

itself on certain companies alleged to have polluting

the lake and air in the residential area. The brief tour

was led by En Mokhtar Ali the resident committee chairman. From GES the team comprised of Mr Siva, Elisha and Arisah. Nelson from the star and Mary

from Metro covered the story.


Mudball Throwing Activity at Laman Tasik Pandan-

GES resumes environmental  work after a long gap due to MCO. The Ges team threw  2000 mud balls in the Laman Tasik Pandan River after noticing that it looked somewhat polluted. The good news is that Fishes could  still be seen. Let's join hands  and continue efforts to take  care of our environment.


GES meets Dr.Peter Blomeyer

On 18.10.21 , GES was invited by his excellency  the Ambassador of Germany for a high tea chat in Amari Hotel  JB.
GES committee comprising of its President  P.Sivakumar , it's advisor Joel Lawrence,  it's Director of Activities and treasurer   Elisah Indhumathi  and committee member Arisah met Dr Peter  and shared GES activities and environmental  issues in Johor.
It was a meaningful meet which saw the GES committee sharing a lot of GES experiences and information  on the various activities  and mainly on pollution in Johor  rivers .
Dr Peter was down to earth and gave all ears to the presentation mainly by GES advisor Joel Lawrence. 
An eventful evening well concluded.


8th AGM on 9.4.2021

Green Earth Society Johor popularly known as GES held its AGM on 9.4.21 at GES Office at Tropical Inn JB
This year was the 8th AGM held differently
We had an Environmental Awareness Speech by students.It was conducted by Mohana who is GES committee member.
Several students won fabulous prizes
The AGM was a mild affair with VIP Deputy From BAKAJ MR. Mohd Fyaizal Bin Mohd Sofian (Penolong Pengarah BAKAJ)
Since there was no elections this year. The President retained the same committee for the Year 2020 to 2021

Mudball Throwing Activity

'On Friday 26 March 2021 GES organised activity of throwing mudball at Sg.Papan with a small group of people due to SOP of covid19. 26 This time 5000 mudball was given to the  fishermen team to throw in the middle of river by using boat."

Mudball throwing activity by Marlborough College students at river Sungai Melayu, Johor.​​

"On October 16 (Friday), 2020 GES held Mudballs throwing activity. Around 2000 mudballs were thrown into the river Sungai Melayu, Johor.  GES members with Marlborough college lecturers and students  involved in the activity. This activity started at 2 pm and ended at 4 pm. After throwing the mudball into the river, Mdm. Elisha briefed the students how the mudballs can transform the river from polluted water into a lively river.
This activity also benefits the fishermen by increasing the fishermen gain. Sg. Melayu residents thanked GES for the on going effort being made to clean the river."

Mudball throwing activity at river Jeti Agrotourism of Pasir Gudang.

On 19th September 2020 (World Clean-up Day) GES held Mudball throwing activity at river, Jeti Agrotourism of Pasir Gudang, Johor. In this activity, GES joined its hands together with Bicon, SWCorp and Combi to Clean-up Jeti Agrotourism of Pasir Gudang. In this activity as many as 1000 Mudballs were thrown into the river to cleanse the river.

Activity of cleaning Jeti Agrotourism of Pasir Gudang.

On 19th September 2020 (World Clean-up Day) GES held Mudball throwing activity at river, Jeti Agrotourism of Pasir Gudang, Johor. In this activity, GES joined its hands together with Bicon, SWCorp and Combi to Clean-up Jeti Agrotourism of Pasir Gudang. In this activity as many as 1000 Mudballs were thrown into the river to cleanse the river.

GES - 7th AGM 2020.

On 11th September 2020 GES organized its 8th AGM Meeting at Johor Tower (Tropical Inn), Johor Bahru. GES President Mr. P Sivakumar, YB Akmal MP, YB Dr Ramakrishnan Director and Treasurer Elisha Indhumathi, Secretary Ahlami and more than 40 members were present in this meeting. This meeting started at 3:00 pm and ended at 5:00 pm.

GES President Mr. P Sivakumar, YB Akmal MP, YB Dr Ramakrishnan spoke on the several environmental issues faced by Johoreans and pledged to take up the issues at Federal and State levels. Treasurer Elisha Indhumathi and Secretary Ahlami shared their activities with the VIPs and members.

In this AGM new committee members for the year 2020/21 were appointed. More focussed topic of discussion was about the past activities and future plans on environmental care by GES.

Foreign students making mudball for Sg.Melayu river.(18/09/2020)

On September 18 (Friday), 2020 GES held mudball making activity. 17 students and 2 teachers participated on that day. In just one session 683 mudballs were made.

Foreign students making mudball for Sg.Melayu river.(04/09/2020)

On September 04 (Friday), 2020 GES held mudball making activity. 32 students and 4 teachers participated in 2 sessions on that day. During Session 1, 576 mudballs were made and in Session 2, 640 mudballs were made. A total number of 1216 mudballs were made.


On August 29, 2020, Saturday, GES held Activity Fun Walking and Cleaning Environment at Taman Eco-Rimba of Gunung Pulai. A total of 20 members have joined the activity. This activity stated 8am ended at 1pm.

Students Throwing Mudballs at Sg.Punggal, Desaru 


On March 12, 2020, Friday, GES held the  Mudball throwing activity at Sg.Punggai, Desaru. A total of 123 students have joined the activity and as many as 5015 mudballs were thrown in to the river for cleaning. This activity ended at 1.30 pm.

Students Cleaning Desaru Beach (12/03/20)

On March 12, 2020, Friday, GES held the  Desaru beach cleaning activity. A total of 123 students have joined the activity and it took about 2 hours to clean a particular region of the beach.

Students keen on making mudball for Desaru beach cleaning (07.03.20

On March 07, 2020, Friday, GES held the  mudball making activity for Desaru beach cleaning. A total of 115 students have joined the activity. As many as 5050 mudballs have been made by the students

Foreign Students Making Mudballs for Sungai Melayu, Johor (06.03.20)

On March 06, 2020, Friday, GES held the  mudball making activity for Sg.Melayu river. A total of 42 foreign students and 2 teachers have joined the activity. As many as 1116 mudballs have been made by the students.

Foreign Students Making Mudballs for Sungai Melayu, Johor (28.2.20)

On February 28, 2020, Friday, GES has held the  mudballs making activity for Sg.Melayu river. A total of 22 foreign students and 2 teachers have joined the activity. As many as 598 mudballs have been made by the students.

Foreign Students Making Mudballs for Sungai Melayu, Johor (28.2.20)

On February 21, 2020, Friday, GES has held the  mudballs making activity for Sg.Melayu river. A total of 17 foreign students and 2 teachers have joined the activity. As many as 476 mudballs have been made by the students.

Foreign Students Throwing Mudballs at Sungai Melayu, Johor.

On February 21, 2020, Friday, GES has held the  mudballs throwing activity at Sg.Melayu river. A total of 21 foreign students and 3 teachers have joined the activity. As many as 3000 mudballs have been thrown in to the Sg. Melayu river by the students.

Foreign Students Making Mudballs for Sungai Melayu, Johor.

On February 14, 2020, Friday, GES has held the  mudballs making activity. A total of 30 foreign students have joined the activity. As many as 880 mudballs have been made by the students.

Throwing Mudballs Activity at Sungai Papan, Johor.

On February 11, 2020, Tuesday, GES has held the  mudballs throwing activity. A total of 5 members and 10 students of the residence have joined the activity. As many as 3000 mudballs have been thrown into the Sg. Papan river.

5th Mudball Activity at Sungai Papan, Johor.

On December 19, 2019, Thursday, GES has held the 5th throwing mudball activity at Sungai Papan, Kota Tinggi, Johor. A total of 5 members have joined the activity. As many as 2500 mudballs have been thrown into the river

Mudball Activity at Marlborough College Malaysia, Nusajaya, Johor.

On November 15, 2019, Friday, GES held a mudball activity session with students and teachers of Marlborough College Malaysia in Nusajaya, Johor. A total of 10 students and 2 teachers were involved during the event.

'Kitchen Waste Management Training' by GES

On September 21, 2019, Saturday, GES organized a program called 'Kitchen Waste Management Training' at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

The invited VIP guest was YB Dr. S Ramakrishnan (Johor State Exco for Unity, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs) and the guest speaker for the program was Mr. Bala.

4th Mudball Activity at Sungai Papan, Kota Tinggi

On September 9, 2019, Monday,as many as 3000 mudballs had been thrown into the river with the help of the villagers and also Encik Jumahat as the chief of the fishermen in the village.

Talk "SAYANGI SUNGAI DAN ALAM SEKITAR" at SMK Seri Aman, Kota Tinggi, Johor

On July 24, 2019, Wednesday, GES was invited to hold a talk session titled “Sayangi Sungai dan Alam Sekitar” in conjunction with ‘Karnival Kelab Persatuan & Hari Keusahawanan SMK Seri Aman 2019’.


On June 25, 2019, at  Impiana Senai Hotel, Senai Johor Bahru, a program on GCRF's Sustainable Water and Sustainable Development HUB Workshop was organized by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The activity started at 8.30 am and ended at 4.30 pm.

The issues discussed were the lack of water due to the use of theme parks, the quality of water caused by drains that are clogged with rubbish, pollution from industrial activity, plantation and mining, forest drifts for development and quarrying projects cause loss of area and water reservoir. 


On June 15, 2019, Saturday, GES once again organized a mudball throwing activity at Sungai Santi, Johor.

As many as 2000 mudballs have been thrown into the river.


The workshop was held on May 28, 2019, Tuesday at Dewan Serbaguna, Bangunan Dato' Abdul Rahman Andak, Kota Iskandar, Iskandar Puteri, Johor. 

The departments that were present were Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS), Badan Kawal Selia Air Negeri Johor (BAKAJ), Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar Negeri Johor (JPV), Pejabat Tanah dan Galian Johor (PTG), Pejabat SUK Kerajaan Tempatan, Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB), Majlis Bandaraya Iskandar Puteri (MBIP), Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Gudang (MPPG), Majlis Perbandaran Kulai (MPKu) and Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Negeri Johor (JPS). Among the presentations were the provision of existing laws, acts and enforcement at the departmental level, data sharing and inventory available to the department on pollution issues, the proposed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in the event of a river pollution and the proposed establishment of the Unit Environment in Local Authorities (Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan).

GES 6th AGM 2019

GES Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2019 was held on 26 April 2019, Friday at Tropicall Inn. 

The meeting was more focused on the appointment of new committee members for 2019-2020 as well as discussions of thoughtful ideas that could be used to further develop GES in the future.

3rd Release of 2000 Mudballs at Sungai Santi, Pengerang

On March 29, 2019, Friday, GES organized a mudball throwing activity at Sungai Santi, Johor.

The river appears to be dirty again. Madam Elisha as head of the program has led the activity. As many as 2000 mudball have been thrown into the river.

1st GES Committee Meeting 2019

First GES Committee Meeting for 2019 was made on 22 March 2019, Friday at Tropicall Inn. New Secretary for GES had been selected, Ahlami Mirza. Content of meeting was focused on the next AGM meeting for 2019.

GES 6th Annual Dinner

GES organized 6th Annual Dinner on

22 February 2019 at Gems Restaurant, The Grand Bluewave Hotel, Johor Bahru. YB Tuan Ir Khairuddin bin A Rahim

(ADUN Senggarang) was invited as the VIP to officiate the ceremony.

GES 6th Third Mudball Activity at Sungai Papan, Kota Tinggi Dinner

Mudball activity was on 11 January 2019, Friday. As many as 3000 mudballs have been successfully thrown. 

GES Committee Meeting 2018

On December 14, 2018, Friday, GES held a commitee meeting at the main office at Tropicall Inn Johor Bahru. Mr Sivakumar as a President of GES has chaired the meeting. Overall, the meeting was more focused on the planning of activities for the year 2019 which targeted school students

CSR Management Activity at Biocon Sdn. Bhd, Johor

On December 7, 2018, Friday, GES was invited to make CSR Waste Management activity successful. Program started with a presentation on waste management and fertilizers. Food waste that can be used is like vegetables, rice, fruit skins and onion skins. In addition, dry leaves can also be used. A demonstration of fertilizer sample was also demonstrated to the participants to have a better understanding on the manufacture of the fertilizer.

Farming Activity at Sungai Tiram, Johor

Farming activity was on 18 November 2018 at a farm at Sungai Tiram, Johor. A group of students and teachers from Sekolah Tamil Yahya Awal Johor Bahru also involved in the program. The program is about to do planting of neem palnt which gives beneficial to human.

Second Mudball Activity at Sungai Johor, Johor

Second mudball activity was on 26 October 2018

Mudball Activity at Sungai Johor, Johor

On September 28, 2018, Thursday, GES once again went to Sungai Johor for mudball throwing activity. Total of 2000 mudballs have been thrown with involvement of members from Biocon Sdn Bhd, Johor.

Mudball Activity at Sekolah Dato' Jaafar, Johor Bahru

On September 5, 2018, Wednesday, GES has invited to create a briefing session and a workshop on mudball. There were 39 students involved and has divided into 7 groups. 

Students have been described about mudball materials and mudballing methods first before given chance in making their own mudball in their groups. At 2.30pm, the mudball activity has ended successfully and we had thanks the students who have been involved and have provided good cooperation throughout the activity. Teacher Puspa thanked GES for hosting the mudball activity because it has delivered useful knowledge to students about river conservation.

Visit to Sungai Johor

On August 24, 2018, Friday, GES made a visit to Sungai Johor, Sungai Tiram, Johor. 

We were intoduced to some of the fishermen who lived there. Encik Kayat, one of the fishermen who said that the catch of fishermen there has been reduced since 7 to 8 years ago due to sand extraction project by the contractor company. Before this, the river was where the fishermen caught the shrimp and crab which was a luxury, but not today. 

We were taken to the jetty to see the river and the environment. GES will test the water sample from the river and will take the initiative to release fishfries on the next visit to help fishermen in the village.

Planting Fruit Trees at Taman Bayu Damai, Pengerang, Johor

On August 2, 2018, Tuesday, GES held fruit planting activities at Taman Bayu Damai, Pangerang, Johor. A total of 50 fruit stalks have been brought to plant in the garden.

We met Encik Ismail Jono as the head village of Taman Bayu Damai and he took us to the place already provided for the planting of the trees. 

We have planted 50 stalks around the park. Among the trees that we have planted are rambutan trees, mango trees, guava trees and papaya trees.

The MyCEB Roadshow- Johor 2018

On 23 July 2018, Monday, a program called MyCEB Roadshow was held at the Junior Ballroom, Level 11, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Johor Bahru. The seminar was organized by the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB).

Welcome remarks by Y.Bhg Datuk Zulkefli Hj. Sharif, Chief Executive Officer of MyCEB  and followed by presentation on 'Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau at a Glance', 'Business Events-Attracting High Yield Tourists' and 'MyCEB Industry Partner & Development Programme' which explains about important of business tourism, target achievement by 2020, government commitment in securing business event in Malaysia and also education programmes that will do to encourage young generation involving business sector.

Desaru Coast Malaysia, the most anticipated new tourism development in Johor also took part in presentation which explains a lot about the Desaru Coast project which includes hotels, exciting water theme parks as well as the largest golf clubs and also has a range of exciting facilities.

We were taken to inspect the newly opened Desaru Coast Adventure Water Park led by Ms. Erica Lai, the Senior Sales Manager at Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark.

GES Meeting with YB Sahruddin, Environmental Exco at Bangunan Dato' Jaafar, Kota Iskandar, Johor

GES held a meeting with Yb Sahruddin on July 17, 2018 at YB office in Dato' Jaafar Building, Kota Iskandar. 

Among the issues highlighted by Sir Siva are factories that are still abandoning after-hours chemicals causing no authorities to know and take further action. Rubbish dumping in the rivers is increasingly widespread everywhere exacerbating the environment and polluting the river water. This is due to the lack of awareness and education about the importance of the environment especially to young people at the school level or other educational institutions.

Hence, with this meeting, GES is very hopeful that the government can help in solving this problem or reduce them from happening.

EM Mudball Exhibition at 'Iman Family Fun Day' in Stadium Tan Sri Azman Hashim UTM, Johor

On July 14, 2018, on Saturday, the GES was invited to hold an exhibition on green in conjunction with 'Iman Family Fun Day' organized by the groups of Tadika and Taska Iman at Sri Azman Hashim Stadium, UTM, Johor.

We have provided things such as riverbed, EMAS liquids, EM and Molasses liquid bottles and Bokashi to be displayed to visitors.

Some also do not know about EM mudball and we gave explanation about EM mudball as well as its usefulness that can restore the dirty water quality of the river

Mudball Activity at Sungai Santi, Pengerang on 16th May 2018

This activity is the continuation of the activity carried out last year. During the last visit, the fisherman have complained that some fish species are extinct because of pollution from projects near the river and their catch is decreasing.

A total of 2100 mudballs have been thrown into the river by GES team led by Mrs. Elisha.

GES 5th Annual General Meeting

GES conducted its AGM for the 5th time today on 5th May 2018. The meeting was held at the main office of the Green Earth Society at the Johor Tower (Tropical Inn), Johor Bahru. Among the guest of honor who attended the meeting were Mr. YB Ramakrishnan, Datuk A. Sabapathy, Mr. Asmadi and Mr. Subramaniam.

The issues discussed were the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the river in the state of Johor, the supply of clean water in Johor, the rapid development of the environment and the way to seek assistance and environmental support from various parties.

Mudball Making Session 2018

Getting ready to greet Earth Day, on 21st April 2018, concerned young volunteers of GES made mudballs to be thrown at Sungai Santi in Pengerang soon. The Japanese technology mudballs are assuring critics that it really works in cleansing the rivers to a good extend. Through this activity, the participants can find out the ingredients used and learn how to make the right mudballs.

Mudball Activity at Sungai Papan

GES organized second activity to throw 2000 mudballs into Sungai Papan (Pengerang) on 7th April 2018. This activity has indirectly been able to build relationships between GES and the villagers in the smooth collaboration of activities. 

GES Team Released Fishfries at Sungai Papan

On 17th Mach 2018, GES delivered 2000 fishfries at Sungai Papan. The team led by GES treasurer and director of activities, Mrs Elisha took a boat ride to one of the Kelongs in the middle of Sungai Papan and released the fries. Also present at the site was En. Jumahat who is the head of the fishermen association of Sungai Papan. 

GES Team Visit to Sungai Papan to Meet the Fisherman Head

GES visited Sungai Papan for the 2nd time on 10th March 2018 to meet the fishermen head, the villagers and the fishermen folks to discuss plans to release 2000 fish fries soon. GES wants to release fish fries into the river because it has received complaints from the fishermen there that the fish catch is decreasing due to pollution from nearby prawn farms.

GES Team Released 2000 mudballs at Sungai Papan

GES released 2000 mudballs at Sungai Papan, Pengerang on 27th January 2018.The mudballs making is using the EM technology from Japan which uses naturally occurring microorganisms to purify water which in turn will revive aquatic life. EM is a people-friendly and environmentally safe product that achieves synergistic effects by combining beneficial microorganism.

GES Team Visit to Sungai Papan, Kota Tinggi

GES team visited Sungai Papan in Kota Tinggi, Johor on 13th January 2018. A river that meets Sungai Lebam. GES has taken water samples to test the quality of the river water. 2000 mudballs were thrown into the river. Sungai Papan is a famous fishing destination in Johor. It is located in the Johor River area in the suburb of Kota Tinggi, Johor. Since recenty, catches of fish products have started to decline due to river pollution. As a result, GES took the initiative to assist the villagers in their efforts to restore river water quality by the mudball method.

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