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About Us

With the quickening pace of environmental degradation as well as the depletion of our collective natural resources, the quality of life we experience on Earth is deteriorating at an alarming pace. Experts say that individuals, groups, corporations, and governments must act now to contain the threat to the very existence of mankind all other forms of life. The challenge before us now is the reversal of the existing situation through the enrichment of the environment and conservation of the natural resources for a sustainable future for us and for our children.


Realizing this, the Green Earth Society (GES) has been formed by a group of committed citizens to do their part towards this massive task by helping to mobilize a mass movement by promoting education and creating awareness on the fast deteriorating quality of the human environment and the need for conservation of Nature.


GES is funded through public donations, personal contributions, and grants. We are run by a small team of those dedicated to environmental reform and supported by a big team of volunteers who collectively help on the ground all in the pursuit of national interest.

Get to know our organisation

Green Earth Society has successfully conducted its 7th Annual General Meeting attended by 25 GES members and officiated by

Dr A. Ramakrishnan at Persatuan Penjagaan Alam Sekitar Bumi Hijau located at Johor Tower Tropical Inn Johor Bahru. The GES AGM reached a consensus which concluded that they are going to focus on the below listed key areas over the next 2 years.

1. Focus on the young.

The young generation is those who will be inheriting our environment. By right we have to empower them with the proper knowledge and skills on how to manage the environment sustainably as well on focusing environmental issues that are jeopardizing their future.


2. International Funding.

GES is looking beyond the borders in search of funding from international institutions like the United Nations Development Programmes as well as approaching various environmental NGO's to establish international cooperation that's in visioning a greener future globally.


3. School Activities.

GES is currently focusing on environmental education from a school-based approach. Currently doing projects with Global Environment Centre on water conservation programmes in school, GES will be investing its resources to approach school communities to provide awareness on key environmental issues.

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